CPA Bookkeeping Support

Grow Your Firm Without Adding Staff – We are Your Bookkeeping Department.

You did not start your practice to do bookkeeping – Don’t turn away clients because they have messy books. Rely on BookTemps as your bookkeeping department. Let us free you to concentrate on your expertise – providing tax support, consulting and acquiring clients.

We are a local firm – We are not a virtual bookkeeping service! All work is done in our local office, at your client’s office or your office if preferred. We serve the DC Metro area.

Do not turn a client down because of bookkeeping constraints –  With BookTemps as your bookkeeping service, you always have a qualified bookkeeper to rely on call.

You do not have to deal with messy books or a shoe-box of receipts again – We guarantee timely financial statements with consistent quality across all your clients. We have invested in the latest equipment and software to digitize most receipts and invoices thus reducing errors in manual data entry and cutting the time spent making those entries by more than 60%.

You never have to invest in extra office space, desks, computers and other office equipment – We have invested in state of the art equipment to deliver the best service and value to our clients.

Don’t invest in recruitment –  We have the best talent on staff with years of experience. We make sure our junior staff have the best training and supervision.

We use the most popular software – We use the software you and your clients use – Quickbooks, Sage, Intacct, SAP, among others. There is a proliferation of virtual bookkeeping services. Most, if not all, use dedicated software which you may have to learn to use and then teach your client to use. Being start-ups, as most are, there is no assurance that they will be there long enough to support their applications or if their data can be converted to another application.

Refer your clients or have BookTemps work under your firm – You have the option to refer a client to us, and we will work with the client directly including billing them. You can also have us work under your firm and you can bill your clients a bundled fee for all services.